Energy Runs Through Me

A few weeks ago, as I sat looking out my window, I felt something strange in the area of my heart. It felt as though my heart was breaking open. It wasn’t painful; it felt expansive. I realized in that instant that I was happier than I’ve ever been in my life. I was so happy I could almost see my heart overflowing, at the same time it was breaking open.

I pondered this experience, and the feeling of such great happiness, for a long time. Recently my husband and I moved from our home state to another, to be near our youngest daughter. I know that being near my youngest daughter, with whom I’ve had a symbiotic relationship since she was in my womb, was the reason I was so happy, but it seemed as though there was more to it than that.

The Science of Mind, a teaching and philosophy of which I am a minister, teaches that happiness is both a choice and an inside job. Ernest Holmes, the founder of Religious Science and author of The Science of Mind, wrote, “He [humankind] must learn to control his own destiny, to heal his own body and bring happiness to his own soul.” (Creative Thought). Happiness is a state of mind, of consciousness; we each choose to be happy, regardless of our circumstances. In addition to The Science of Mind, I’ve studied neuroscience and positive psychology and have learned that we have the ability (and the responsibility, once we know this teaching) to train our minds, and thus, our brains, to be positive, to be happy. Once again, it’s a choice.

And yet, I feel happier than I ever have, even though I choose to be happy every day.

Is it just being so close to my daughter? Yes, but still…it feels like more.

In my pondering, I remembered something I read a few years ago, while visiting Sedona, Arizona. For years I’ve heard about something called an “energy vortex”, a place or possibly places throughout the world where the energy is higher than anywhere else. I scoffed at the notion. How can any one place have more energy than another? My education in The Science of Mind tended to back up my belief: energy – God – is everywhere, all the time, therefore how can it be more intense in one place – or even in several places – than another. Holmes wrote, “God is the invisible Life Essence of all that is, the Intelligent Energy running through all.” (The Science of Mind, 1938). God is the Energy that created the universe and is in everything and every person. If so, then how can one place be more energetic than another?

Sedona is supposedly one of the highest energy places on earth. Again, I scoffed. Then I went there. The very moment we passed the city limits sign I felt…something. I felt lighter, more carefree. Happier. How can this be? How can just entering a town create this lightness of being?

In my exploration of Sedona, I came across an explanation. Dennis Andres, a Sedona energy vortex guide and author of the book, What Is a Vortex?, explains: “A vortex is a place in nature where the Earth is exceptionally alive and healthy.”
Andres explains that we measure “…the aliveness of something or someone…by how healthy they are. He claims that signs of a healthy person include their physical appearance: their skin tone, the brightness of their hair, a sparkle in their eyes, and how energetic they are.

Some scientists claim, along with environmentalists and ancient mystics, that our Earth is a living organism; it is alive. If the Earth is alive, is it possible that there are places that are healthier than others? After all, people have various states of health or well-being. If, then, there are places that are more healthy, more energetic than others, what would those places be like? How do we measure the health of a place? Andres claims there are three factors to a healthy place:
1) it is naturally beautiful;
2) the aliveness and health of a place is reflected in a tremendous natural beauty created by the elements of land, light, air and water;
3) it is a place of increased energy.

Andres also claims that vortex energy also acts as an amplifier; it magnifies the feelings we bring when we enter the place, whether mental, emotional, or spiritual. Our feelings and thoughts have measurable frequencies of energy that come from within. Our thoughts and feelings cause synapses in the brain to produce chemical reactions that lead to electromagnetic energies.

In his foreword to the book Frequency (Pierce, 2009), Michael Bernard Beckwith wrote, “…the scientific community agrees that energy comprises all things…”. He goes on to say that energy systems are conscious; the earth spins…within each of us as an infinite electromagnetic field…we all are part of this vibrating energy; this energy is within each of us. We are energetic beings who energetically impact every corner of the cosmos.”

This energy is the Earth’s innate intelligence; each of us are connected to the Earth through this energy. We, consciously or not, draw energy from the Earth and from the Life Force [Spirit or God] that is within and all around each of us.

As I remembered Andres’ explanation of a vortex, and researched energy, I began to realize how I could be happier than I’ve ever been: this place to which I’ve moved is a beautiful place. There are soft rolling, green hills that delight my eyes. Every home is a little Eden, even those which might be considered “low income”; every home has a lawn and flowers that are well-kept. Vacant lots are grassy and green; even businesses have lawns and flowers. The city has a recycling program; at every home on certain days of the month, there is a blue bin for recyclables on the curb, waiting to be picked up. The streets are clean. Littering is evidently not tolerated. If there are homeless people, I haven’t seen them.
Water abounds. Small lakes are within a fifteen-minute drive in any direction. Parks are prolific, some with fountains and other water features. It is obvious that the people care abut their home environment and their town.

This town meets the requirements that Andres suggested as the measurement of an energy vortex: natural beauty and increased energy. The beauty of the lakes and green hills, together with the man-made beauty of the lawns and flower gardens create an energy vibration that magnifies my own. The heightened energy creates a feeling of happiness that is reflected in every person I’ve met; it is my ambient vibration.

From science we know that it is energy, not matter, that underlies everything. Energy plays a major role in health and healing.
Though solid looking, our physical bodies are actually a “…dynamic organization of energy and fields…” (Schwartz, 2007). Physicists claim that everything is energy; our bodies “…generate patterns of electromagnetic fields of energy and information…” (Schwartz, 2007). Because energy is the essential reality, we are all interconnected by electromagnetic fields – we can actually detect the energy of other people. According to Gary Schwartz, “…the human body acts like an antenna and receiver as well a a transmitter of electromagnetic fields.” (2007). Schwartz claims that we can not only sense others’ biological energies and fields, but also their conscious intentions as well.

Schwartz’s experiments with energy indicate that just as people have the capacity to respond to the conscious intentions of healers, rats, E-coli bacteria, and plants also respond to intention and emotional states; everything, every person, tunes into the energetic field of their surroundings (2007). All systems (people, animals) detect, process, transmit and receive energy and information dynamically and interactively. Biologists explain: everything that exists is constantly engaging and communicating energetically; even our cells, tissues and organs engage in energetic and informational communication.
The combination of energy and information enables the existence of stable and healthy physical entities, and for the evolution of everything and every person (Schwartz, 2007).

Dr. Max Planck wrote: “All matter originates and exists only by vibration of a force…we must assume that behind this force a conscious and intelligent mind exists. This mind is the matrix of all matter…” (Schwartz, 2007). Energy, says Schwartz, is the “…means by which a conscious and intelligent mind manifests matter.” We in New Thought call this intelligent mind or energy God or Spirit.

Environmental psychology studies behavior in relationship to the environment, claiming that environment influences behavior at different levels; personalities are shaped by the nature and type of environment in which people live. Environmental psychology suggests that personality characteristics are shaped by the nature and type of environment to which a person is subjected for long periods of time. Also suggested is that climate influences temperament, that is, people living in a moderate climate are more aware of themselves and their relationship with the environment, wanting to live in harmony with the environment. The desire to live in harmony with the environment creates a need to conserve the natural environment. A person living in such a way lives holistically, intuitively and is well-balanced. Living in an environment that is cared for, conserving and enhancing natural resources, creates a better, healthier lifestyle and promotes psychological growth. (Singer and Valin, 1978).

By definition, energy is the capacity to do work and overcome resistance. Those who study and live the philosophy of New Thought believe that energy is Intelligence: “ and woman are interconnected to this God-Source-Energy…even continguous extensions thereof…this Energy always moves through man and woman..” (INTA website). Ernest Holmes wrote, “…Creative Force or Energy produces all things…” (Science of Mind, 1938).

If, then, the Energy that created the universe runs through everything and every person and produces all things, then that Energy runs through me, all the time. If then, as scientists say, energy is the essential reality, then all I am is Energy.
If, then, happiness is an inside job, and I make a conscious choice, every day, to be happy, regardless of my circumstances, then my energy field is one of health and happiness. If, then, an energy vortex amplifies the happiness I already feel, then I am even happier.

Many years ago I made the choice – I just want to be happy. Some days, I admit, it’s easier. However, I know for sure that my happiness is greater now, in my new environment. Now I understand why. I live in an energy vortex and we complement each other.


Life, Happiness and Possibilities

I believe in possibilities and I believe that we create with our thoughts and our feelings.  I know that my life is a reflection of what’s going on in my mind and I rebel against that sometimes!  I don’t want to admit that I’m responsible for something I don’t like, and yet I know it’s true.

The flip side is:  the good stuff is a reflection of what’s going on, too!  I readily accept that!

A few years ago I spent some time with a master trainer and coach who guided me into training my mind, and thus my brain, to be happy…happy just because.  I’ve since set my intention that every day I would use the training to direct my mind to be happy.  Not exhilaratingly happy all the time, not mountain-top blissful all the time, but candy-apple licking happy.  You know, how you feel when you bite into a caramel or candy apple (caramel’s easier!).  The happy you feel when you see a beautiful sunrise.  That kind of happy is far easier to maintain than mountain-top happy.  Hot day, double-scoop ice-cream happy, especially if it’s lemon custard!

Why do I feel the necessity to stay happy?  Because life’s too short to not be happy, for one reason.  Another is, I want my children and grandchildren to remember me as a happy person.  My children haven’t always.  They even told me once, I just didn’t know how to have fun!  And they were right!  I didn’t.  I wasn’t taught to be happy.  Several years ago, one of my gurus said, “If growth is your standard, you’ll always have ways to grow, but if joy is your standard, life will be joyful, and you’ll grow, too.”  (I paraphrase!)  That day joy became my quest.  Oh, over the years I’ve made the attempt, but that day joy became my mantra.  It still is.  I just want to be happy.  I want a joy-filled life.  Joy, for me, is bright, hot pink. (check out my website: )  I look for ways to be joyful.  I believe I can be joyful even in the midst of the most tragic of times, which sounds like an oxymoron, and I haven’t achieved it yet, but I’m working on it!

Joy has brought me some amazing times!  For example, A year and a half ago, I decided that my husband and I needed to be near my youngest daughter as we grew older.  I told her that within five years we’d be living near her.  Four months later, my husband told me that he thought we needed to move near her. (I hadn’t told him of my decision, but the Universe did!)  A year later we moved, well within my five year time frame!

I like the word amazing.  While I want to live in a state of mind in which amazing things are common place, I don’t want to lose the feeling of amazing.  So, I’ll use it again;  some amazing things have happened because of this move!  First, of course, is that I didn’t have to say, “Rod, we need to move to Nebraska.”  The Universe took care of that!  Second, I’m now five minutes from my daughter, instead of two days.  I’m also five minutes from anywhere I want to go!  I love that!  Third, fourth, and many more:  a few years ago, I wrote five-year goals.  Many of those goals have manifested with this move.  I wanted a place, a house, in which there would be room for exercise and yoga.  I wanted a room to use as my studio, where I could paint with abandon (I’m messy and often get paint on the floor.)  I wanted a room dedicated to meditation.  I wanted a room we could use for guests.  And…years ago, 20 or more, so long ago that I’d forgotten about it, I wanted a pool table.

I have all those!  Even the pool table!  The previous owners had one, didn’t want to move it, and left it!  It’s in our new basement, which is nicely finished!  Thank you, Universe!  And…the room in the basement that isn’t finished, which we use for storage, was plumbed for a third bathroom.  I was going to ask for that for my birthday.  In July, Rod decided, we needed to put in a toilet and sink for times we’re downstairs and need it!  So I can ask for something else for my birthday!

Sometimes the Universe works so fast, I can’t keep up!  I just want to be happy.  I intend to continue having being happy as my goal.  Life’s better when I’m happy.

My Beliefs Create My Life

Last week I wrote about my lack of belief.  That’s very difficult for me to admit.  After all, I’ve been teaching Science of Mind for ten years.  Science of Mind teaches that we can control our minds, and by changing our focus, we can change our beliefs, which, in turn, will create the world we want to live.  To admit that my belief about something is lacking just doesn’t track with that and it causes me to feel that I am lacking.

Then again, I know it’s all a learning process and takes baby steps.  Even after learning about Science of Mind fifteen years ago and teaching it for ten, there are some areas in my beliefs that are still in the baby step stage.

However, the Universe evidently has a sense of humor and takes pity on such as I!  A few days after I wrote last week’s blog, and discussing this with a friend, I found an envelope in the mailbox…an envelope addressed to me…an envelope that contained a check for $150!  An unexpected $150!  I wrote a paper for a colloquium, presented via video last month.  I didn’t know that speakers were paid!  I thought that just having my paper accepted for presentation was the payment I’d receive.  Thank you Universe!  I’ll take your sense of humor any time, for a lesson like that!

If that wasn’t enough, I also received notification that I’d be receiving a certain amount from Amazon later this month – royalties from my book, It’s Still New!  Again…unexpected revenue!  This is the second month in a row that I’ve receive royalties!

Little by little, my beliefs about money are changing.  Even though I believe that God is my Source, I know that sometimes, make that too often!, I get into the “How”…how am I going to do…?  Again, I teach, “my business is the what”.  My job is to dream, vision, and listen, then to take the steps that I feel guided to take.  The “how” is the business of the Universe.  God, or the Universe, or Spirit, whatever name you want to give it, takes my dreams and makes them happen.  Do I believe that whatever I want will just materialize out of thin air?  No…and yes.  I believe it’s possible.  I remember Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra talking about how things manifest.  There are several levels of consciousness…one is to think, “I’d like an ice cream cone,” and go out to buy it.  The second is to think, “I want an ice cream cone,”  and someone brings you one.  The next is to think, “I want an ice cream cone,”  and put out your hand and it materializes.  I haven’t reached that level yet, but I believe it’s possible.

I know that everything… energy, therefore, I believe that anything is possible.  My work is to get to the level of consciousness that I can think of an ice cream cone, put out my hand, and there it is.  Make that a scoop of lemon custard and one of Greek Sunset, please!  On a sugar cone!

Me Beliefs Create My Life

Almost sixteen years ago I discovered a philosophy called Science of Mind.  It was love at first sound for me!  The teachings of Science of Mind, and it’s umbrella philosophy, New Thought, resonated with me at such a deep level, I cried all through the service.  I fell in love and never looked back.  After years of searching for “something”, and not knowing for what I searched; after feeling a longing for “something”, and not knowing what, I found that “something”.

Science of Mind is a philosophy, as its founder, Ernest Holmes, defined it, a faith and a way of life.  It teaches faith in God at a deep level, but it is also a practical philosophy, faith, and way of life for right now.  It is the teaching of Jesus…that heaven and hell are states of mind and there is a Power for good that we can use to create the life of our dreams.

Science of Mind also teaches that our dreams are the dreams of God, that God dreams through us.  It teaches that God and I are one and the same.

Sounds arrogant, but if you take it deeper, you realize that what Science of Mind, which was birthed at the time psychology and quantum physics were birthed, you feel the truth.  Quantum physics teaches that at the level of the atom, everything is light…a photon.  Mystics teach that everything is Light, comes from the Light.

The spiritual side of Science of Mind resonates with me still, even after sixteen years.  Going deeper into an understanding of God is something I’ve longed for all my life.  And I know that the more I know, the deeper I go, the less I know.  God is always on the horizon, calling me on.

It is the practical teaching of Science of Mind in which I often fail.  Science of Mind, along with many other philosophies, teaches that we can use our mind to create, manifest, what we want our lives to be.  One of the teachings of Science of Mind is that an aspect of God is something called the Law, or the Soul, which takes the thought of God…and me…and causes that thought to become form.  The Law responds to our thought, and doesn’t know the difference between a castle and a hovel, a million dollars or a dime.  It is I who differentiate.  I’m good at creating dimes.

An example:  I’ve written many times, and told myself, that I want something in particular.  To be frank, I want $10,000,000.  I know exactly what I’ll do with $10,000,000.  But I haven’t received it yet.  Whenever I say I want a certain amount of money and it’s a great sum, it never manifests.

A few days ago I opened my computer desk drawer and a penny flew out!  I laughed aloud, because I’ve been finding pennies and dimes scattered around on the floor a lot lately.  “Ha!”  I thought.  “I’m pretty good at manifesting pennies and dimes!  Why can’t I manifest thousands of dollars?”  Sunday, the answer came, loud and clear!  I had entered my first art show in decades and set the intention that I’d make a certain amount of money.  I didn’t.  I asked myself over and over…why?  The answer is:  I hoped I would, but I didn’t believe.  I don’t believe that I can make money with my art.  I sold a couple of things, but nothing big.  And now I know why.  I hope; I don’t believe.

Now I know where my work is.  My work for myself is to change my hope into a belief.   And the first step is to understand where the belief that I can’t make money from my art began.  I already know the answer to that.  So I have to work at changing it.

Beliefs come from old teachings, recordings, from our childhood.  Mine came from hearing my parents telling me I’m not good enough; I’ll never amount to anything.  I’ve shown over and over that’s a lie, but still, it’s there.  My work is to erase it and replace it with a new belief…one that comes from who I am today.

Changing beliefs is not easy and takes determination, but I intend to do it.  I intend to live my Truth, beginning today.  I’m worth it!  And so are you.

Without a Vision, We Perish!

January 30 was the 67th anniversary of the assassination of Mohandas Gandhi, the visionary lawyer who became famous by fighting for the civil rights of Muslim and Hindu Indians in South Africa. Gandhi returned to his homeland of India in 1915, where he organized peasants to protest excessive land-taxes.

Gandhi became the leader of the Indian National Congress in 1921, and led nationwide campaigns for easing poverty, expanding women’s rights, building religious and ethnic amity, ending Dalit, the caste system of India, increasing economic self-reliance, and independence of India from British domination. Leading Indians to protest the national salt tax with the 400 km (250 mi) Dandi Salt March in 1930, and later in demanding the British to immediately leave India in 1942, during World War II, Gandhi was imprisoned for many political offenses over the years.

Gandhi’s vision, his passion, was to practice non-violence in all situations, and advocated that others do the same. In the last year of his life, Gandhi worked to stop the carnage between Muslims and Hindus and Sikhs that raged in the border area between India and Pakistan. He was assassinated on January 30, 1948, by a Hindu nationalist who thought Gandhi was too sympathetic to Muslims in India.

Martin Luther King, Jr., had a dream. His dream was that all people would be judged, not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character. He gave his life to this dream, working to right the wrongs of society, to demand that the United States uphold the constitution, which states that all men are equal. King gave his life advocating civil rights in this country that was created so that all could experience freedom. He was assassinated on April 4, 1968.
King was a follower of Gandhi, advocating a non-violent way of changing the world in which he lived.

As with all visionaries, Gandhi and King were pulled by their Guiding Light. Within each of us there is that Guiding Light, but for many of us it is dim, because we don’t realize what it is. Sometimes we have a glimmer of it, but, not knowing what it is we ignore it. For some of us, though it may shine brightly, the pull of the world is too great, and we ignore our Guiding Light.

Then there are those like Gandhi and King, who see the Light, feel It’s pull, and follow. The path may be rocky and may end in death, as with these two, but it always leads to our destination…our True Self.

Gandhi’s vision was for his beloved country – to see his people, regardless of their religion or caste, free from the tyranny of England, from excessive taxes, and from religious strife. He saw an India in which women were treated as equals with men and poverty was not the norm. King’s vision was that all people, regardless of the color of their skin, would be treated equal. King’s vision was of the greatness of the American people, a greatness demonstrated by the ability to see beyond the color of a person’s skin. Both men gave their lives to these visions.

Discovering your vision is both easy and difficult. It’s as easy as just sitting, being quiet, and asking…and then listening. It’s as difficult as sitting, being quiet, and asking…and then listening. In a world run by cell phones, computers and tablets, where social media takes the place of solitary quietness and personal interaction, sitting and being quiet are anathema. It’s as though we’re afraid of the quiet, of being alone. And yet, that’s the only way we’ll catch the vision for our lives. Solitude and quietness are the only way we’ll find our Guiding Light.

Solitary voices crying in the wind, advocating something few understand. Solitary figures, walking the road, no matter how rough the terrain, following their Guiding Light. How many of us know our Guiding Light? How many of us, when we catch the glimmer of the vision, are willing to lay down our lives to follow it?

“I have a dream…” Do you? Are you willing to follow it, no matter where it leads?

True North

I love maps and I’m fascinated by Global Positioning Systems (GPS). It’s amazing to me that a tiny electronic device can pinpoint my exact location anywhere I am and guide me to my destination. When traveling in an unknown city, I often have both a map and a GPS in my lap, trying to find my way.

Maps differ from a GPS in that they offer possibilities, while a GPS, if programmed correctly, will lead you where you want to go and let you know when you’ve gone astray, loudly! “As soon as possible, make a u-turn and go….”. Over and over…ack! Turn that thing off!

I like the possibilities of maps, but when I have a destination and a deadline, a GPS is better. It takes me where I want to go without deviation.

Then there is the compass. Compasses point the way, but there are variations, because of the magnetic pull of the earth. If I want to find true north, a magnetic compass will not help. True north is different from magnetic north. Magnetic north varies from place to place because of local magnetic anomalies. To find true north from a magnetic compass I need to know the local magnetic variation. A good map will have magnetic deviations marked. Magnetic north differs from true north because of magnetic declination, a measure of the angle between true north and magnetic north. True north is a geographical direction, represented on maps by longitudinal lines. Each line of longitude begins and ends at the Earth’s polar and represents north and south travel. Finding your way north by following longitudinal lines may be tricky; you may encounter impassable terrain or other obstacles. A magnetic compass will lead to your destination, but you may wander and zigzag.

The simple way to find true north is to use a GPS, which tells you where you are. Be selecting true north on your GPS and entering your destination, the GPS will show you how to get there.

True North has become a metaphor for life. Everyone has a True North; it is something within that calls us. How we find it depends on our choices. Sometimes the choice is made because we hear the call clearly. Some people know from a very young age what is calling them and they don’t let anything stop them from heeding the call. Some people may know but they become deterred or distracted. And some people don’t hear or don’t trust themselves.
True North doesn’t pull you toward it or tell you how to get there. It does, however, point you in the direction, when you look and listen.

There is a True North for your life. It is uniquely you. No one else has the same True North. It is an internal compass that will guide you through life successfully, if you will consult it. Your True North is you at your deepest level – your passions, your values and what motivates you. It represents what gives you satisfaction. True North is your point of orientation and leads you forward.

Finding your True North is both easy and difficult. Easy, because all you have to do is pay attention and listen. Difficult because you have to listen and make the commitment. Most of us don’t want to take the time or make the commitment. We often don’t trust ourselves. We’re so busy following the compass, we zigzag when the quickest way might have been to go straight. How do you know what your True North is? It’s so simple we often ignore it. There is an inner knowing, a “gut feeling”. Is there something you love to do, just for the sheer joy of doing it? That’s your True North. Pay attention to how you feel and you’ll learn what your True North is – you’ll learn what satisfies you, what makes you happy.
If you’ll take the time to consult your internal compass, you’ll always be led in the right direction. Finding your True North is applicable to every area in your life: you’ll find true joy in your work, your play, your relationships. You’ll know who you are at a very deep level and that knowledge will guide you in every thing you do.

And when you are seduced and get off track ( and you will!) your internal compass will let you know. You’ll have an internal knowing, that “gut feeling”, that something is wrong and you need to make corrections.

What makes your heart sing? What, when you’re doing it, gives you such pleasure that time flies? Think about that.

Your True Self

Jason was an angry young man. There are many angry young men – and women – in the world today. Perhaps there always have been. The difference between Jason and most young men is that Jason was a rich, angry young man. With the financial ability to meet all his needs and his desires, we might wonder what it was that he was angry about?

Jason wasn’t rich because of his own efforts. He was born into a family that was rich because of one man – Jason’s grandfather, Red. Red was the true American dream fulfilled – he rose from a life of poverty to become one of the world’s wealthiest men. Through ideas that sprang from his imagination, Red built an empire that supported Jason, his parents, aunts, uncles and cousins, and countless others.

When Red died, his children and grandchildren circled around like hungry vultures, waiting to hear what Red had left them. None of them received what they thought they deserved. Red knew his heirs well and bequeathed them accordingly.

Except for Jason. Red knew his grandson’s soul. He knew that beneath the angry, bad boy exterior there was a young man in deep emotional pain. He knew Jason mourned the death of his father, Red’s son, and knew he blamed Red for that death. His legacy for Jason was a way out of the grief, anger and pain, if Jason would accept the challenge.

Jason accepted his grandfather’s challenge, reluctantly, and mostly out of curiosity. Gradually, just as Red had hoped, as Jason met each new challenge, his anger began to abate and he discovered the truth of his father’s death. At the same time, he discovered something within himself…a strength and resolve he didn’t know was there. He also discovered a desire for humanitarianism he didn’t know he had.

With each step of his grandfather’s challenge, Jason’s soul expanded. His perpetual anger dissolved; he became the man his grandfather knew was hidden beneath the anger and self-centered exterior.

Superficially, Jason’s anger was the result of his father’s death. At a deeper level, it was a soul hunger. Jason was drifting, with no goal other than the next party. His soul hungered for more.

All of us have soul hunger. It is the driver of everything we do, but most of us aren’t able to satisfy that hunger because we don’t understand – or know – what it is. We’re restless and discontented and try to resolve that restlessness, that discontentment, with material things, with houses, cars, clothes, the latest “toy” – however you define toy – with food, drugs, or a person.

Our soul’s are trying to tell us the way to go, trying to point us to our true self, but either we don’t listen or we don’t pay attention. Most of us can’t hear our souls, because we’re too busy pursuing the things we think will make us happy and our inner voice is too quiet to be heard above the noisy din with which we surround ourselves. We can’t get still enough to hear the voice that wants to guide us. That’s all it takes – get still and listen.

Your soul is calling. It knows the direction you need to go to be happy. It wants to point you to your true self. One caveat…your true self is not a thing, a career, a job. It is not a person. It is not your “soul mate”. Your True Self is what some call God, or Spirit. Another caveat…your True Self is not “out there” somewhere. It is right where you are, every minute.

Your soul is calling. Are you listening?

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