Yes, You Can!

I’ve been talking about having whatever you want, but if you’re like me, you don’t really believe that you can have  your most secret desires.  For me, one thing I have difficulty believing I can have is a certain luxury convertible.    I have a picture of it on every device,  I pasted a picture of it in my dream book. I picture myself driving it, wind blowing my hair back.  I FEEL it!  Oh, the joy!

     So…what’s the problem;  what’s the reason I don’t have it, or, more importantly, don’t believe I can have it?

     The reason is in that last sentence…don’t believe.  I have a belief that I can’t have it.

     More often than not…it’s our beliefs that keep us from our dreams.  The secret is to discover what those beliefs are and turn them around.  What’s behind those beliefs?  For me, for starters, it’s the price of the car…it’s very expensive.  I’m sure there are other beliefs as I start thinking.

     Today’s exercise:  keep dreaming, keep writing those sticky notes and sorting them into categories, and start thinking about your beliefs…pretend you are a belief archeologist and dig up the beliefs that are holding you back!

     Keep a journal…write your desires in your journal, then write the belief you have about that desire.  When you’ve uncovered your belief…rewrite it in an affirmative way.

     Keep dreaming, and see yourself in your dreams!  I see myself in my dream car!  I look good!  We’re having the time of our life!




Yes You Can!

I’ve been giving the steps to have an abundant…a rich life.  Most of us think we can’t be rich.  We settle for so much less than we can have because we have limited beliefs.

I was the oldest child of a woman who raised six children alone, on welfare.  My mother and father had only a high school education.  According to statistics, that’s as far as I would, or could, go educationally.  Even that was doubtful, because I dropped out of high school at the end of my tenth year to get married.  I had three children by the time I was 21.

At the age of 26 I took the GED (General Equivolcacy Exam) so that I would have at least the equivalent of a high school degree.  At the time I took it, I had the highest English score of any the examiner had seen.  He told me I should be in college.

Soon after, I enrolled in college. I didn’t finish right away.  I got pregnant again and that ended my college career, for a while.  I started again a few years later.  I finally finished  at the age of 40.  But then I went on to earn the Master’s degree.

And at the age of 63 I earned another Master’s degree, and was licensed as a minister.  In 2011 I earned the title of Doctor of Divinity.  This high school dropout, a girl who statistically shouldn’t have gone beyond high school, has four degrees!

I tell this to illustrate the power we all have within us…the Power of our minds to be, do, or have anything we want!

You can have the life of your dreams! What do you dream of having?  What do you dream of doing?  What do you dream of being?

If you’ve been getting clear about what you want, by letting yourself dream and then writing those dreams on sticky notes, it’s time now to start putting them into a scrapbook.  You can begin this exercise with the sticky  notes, or start looking through magazines.  Find pictures of the house you want, or your dream car. Whatever it is that you’re dreaming, find picture of it, so that you can look at it every day.  This is your homework for this  week…start to visualize your dreams.

Until next week….keep dreaming!  Yes, you can….be, do, or have the life of your dreams!

Yes, You Can! Part III

Last week I said the first step to prosperity is to know clearly what you want and I gave a suggestion to discover what you want:  write down any “want” that pops into your mind on sticky notes.  This week, the assignment is the same, keep writing those wants, but begin to put them into categories:  professional, personal, home, fun, adventure, health, family, financial.

As you begin to sort your wants into categories, you may decide that some don’t appeal, after all.  If so, discard, but only if you decide at a deep level you don’t really want this, after all.  Don’t discard anything because you think it’s an impossibility.  We live in a world of infinite possibilities; it’s up to us to see those possibilities manifest.

Quantum physics explains this.  From basic quantum physics we learn that nothing exists until someone observes it.  Everything is 99 percent space; from that basically empty space, we notice something, and it materializes…becomes solid form.  Before we noticed it, it didn’t exist.

Sounds a little woo-woo,  I know.  For example, for years, I’ve wanted a convertible, but didn’t give that wanting much energy, until I drove one again.  Then I realized, oh, yeah, I want one!  But I didn’t know what kind.  So I began researching.  I looked and researched cars, then convertibles, until I decided on the make I want.  Then I began to see that make…not a convertible, but other models, every time I go out.  Before I honed in on the make I wanted, I never noticed it before.  The same thing happened, a few years ago….we drove a rented Buick Rendezvous one weekend, and I really liked it.  After that, I saw that make and model every time we went out.  It was fun to see how often they showed up!  Three months after, we bought one!

Even more woo-woo…physicist John Wheeler said that we are both the observer and the observed.    Researchers are discovering that there is a Mind …one Mind, that is the entirety of the universe….that is, that one Mind that created the universe is at the same time, is everything it created!  Too much woo- woo for you?  Then, just think of this…you create everything you want….with your thoughts.  

More about your thoughts next time.  Until then….remember two things:  keep dreaming and writing your wants, putting them into categories, and think only the thoughts you want to see manifest!

Yes, You Can! Have a Prosperous life!

As long as I can remember, I’ve had an inner urge for more…not nesessarily more money, bigger better house or car, but….something.  What I know now is that inner urge is inherent in all sentient beings…and is an urge to more life! No matter how I defined that life.  After years of contemplation and study, I’ve learned that urge for more life for me is to create.  I create in many ways…I write, paint, teach, garden….and just live.

I’ve learned that, regardless of what some have said, that inner urge, some even say it drives me, is the greater Life urging me on to a more expansive way of being.  Jesus gave us the parable of the talents, in which he taught that to those whom much is given, much is expected, and when the talents are used wisely, they will be increased.  For those who fail to use the talents, they will be taken away.  That always seemed harsh, but I understand it now.  The more I use my talents, the more creative ideas I have.  When I don’t use what I have, or waste them, they dry up.

Last week I mentioned that the first step to having a prosperous life is to get clear about what you want.  Every thought we have, every feeling we have, goes into the Universal Mind, and is reflected back to us.  If we send mixed messages to the Mind, we experience chaos in our life.  So, to repeat, get clear about what you want, realizing those wants are the Universal Mind within you, wanting to expand.  There isn’t anything “wrong” with you, it is a divine imperative within to evolve.

First Step to Prosperity:  get clear.  Spend some time every day being quiet and asking, what do I really want?  How do I want to spend my life?” To help you with this step, keep a journal, or use sticky notes….write down what comes to you.  Don’t censure!  Don’t think, “Oh, I could never do that!”. Or.  “That’s unrealistic!  I can’t have that!”.

Listen to your inner voice.  Let your imagination run wild.  Write those sticky notes!  Keep asking, keep listening, keep writing!   Next time, I’ll tell you what to do with what you’ve written.

Yes, You Can….Live the Life of Your Dreams!

Are you living an unlimited life?  Do you have dreams that you don’t believe will ever to come to fruition?  This blog is about seeing those dreams become fulfilled!  Yes, you can have the life you dream about!  Yes, you can do what makes your heart sing!  Yes, you can….do whatever you presently think you can’t be, do, or have!  Yes, you can, and I’ll teach you how!

The first step is to know exactly what you want to be, do or have.  Before we go any further, sit still for five or ten minutes and let yourself dream.  If you could be, do or have, if money were no object, what would your life look like?  How would you spend your days?    Just let yourself dream.  Don’t censure yourself;  don’t yes, but, your dreams.  Just let yourself go.  

The second step is to write everything down.  Don’t just dream, write your dreams down;  keep a journal or a notebook just for your dreams.  Don’t concern yourself with how it’s going to happen.  Just dream, and write.  And keep it with you all the time, for easy referral.

Third step:  focus on your dreams.  In your day-to-day activities, when you feel mired down, bring out your journal or notebook and look at your dreams.  Just focus on what you want.   Don’t let the stuff of today get you down.

That’s all for now.  Keep dreaming and keep writing and stay focused on your dreams.


More later.