Yes, You Can!

I’ve been talking about having whatever you want, but if you’re like me, you don’t really believe that you can have  your most secret desires.  For me, one thing I have difficulty believing I can have is a certain luxury convertible.    I have a picture of it on every device,  I pasted a picture of it in my dream book. I picture myself driving it, wind blowing my hair back.  I FEEL it!  Oh, the joy!

     So…what’s the problem;  what’s the reason I don’t have it, or, more importantly, don’t believe I can have it?

     The reason is in that last sentence…don’t believe.  I have a belief that I can’t have it.

     More often than not…it’s our beliefs that keep us from our dreams.  The secret is to discover what those beliefs are and turn them around.  What’s behind those beliefs?  For me, for starters, it’s the price of the car…it’s very expensive.  I’m sure there are other beliefs as I start thinking.

     Today’s exercise:  keep dreaming, keep writing those sticky notes and sorting them into categories, and start thinking about your beliefs…pretend you are a belief archeologist and dig up the beliefs that are holding you back!

     Keep a journal…write your desires in your journal, then write the belief you have about that desire.  When you’ve uncovered your belief…rewrite it in an affirmative way.

     Keep dreaming, and see yourself in your dreams!  I see myself in my dream car!  I look good!  We’re having the time of our life!




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