Yes, You Can!…Have the Life of Your Dreams

Yes, You Can!…Have the Life of Your Dreams.


Yes, You Can!…Have the Life of Your Dreams

I’ve been reading about neuroscience for a while and took a class devoted to directing the brain toward positivity.  People who study neuroscience and positive psychology say that we can train our brains toward positivity, that we can be happier just by directing our brains with more positive thoughts.  These same researchers claim that our brains want to be happy, that they work better when we are happy.  They also claim that people who are happier are healthier and live longer. 

     People who study the mind say the same about the mind.  No, the brain and the mind are not the same.  Neither did the brain give rise to the mind.  Without the mind, there is no brain.  Science is bearing out what mystics have said for centuries…the brain may die, but the mind lives on.  

     We can train our brains to be more positive in the same way that we train our minds to be more positive.  The amazing thing about having a happier brain, is that yes, we are happier people, but when we are happier, we begin to see our dreams come true!  

     Having the life of your dreams is what this blog is about, and learning to be a happier person, by training your brain and your mind to be more positive, is one of the tools to having the life of your dreams.  Sounds too simple, I bet you’re saying!  

     Some real life examples:  Two years ago, I was mired in a pit of despair.  It looked like my career was going down the drain, someone close to me was constantly having problems, it was just hard to get up every morning.  Then, I began taking a class on growing a positive brain.  Doing the exercises, checking in every week, having to keep track of my emotions, and learning that just choosing to be a little happier, which came from the exercises, I began to feel better, my career began to get back on track, life got better.  A happy coincidence was that my friend, even though he wasn’t taking the course, began to feel better and his life began to get back on track!  Just by changing my focus, his changed!  Two improved lives for the price of one!

     One of the exercises is to change your focus.  Every time you catch yourself thinking the same old negative thoughts, remind yourself to think about what you want…either how you want to feel, or something you want.  One of the things I want is a certain luxury convertible.  When I begin to think negative thoughts, I pull out my picture of the car and picture myself driving it down Highway 1 in California, with the wind blowing my hair back.  Oh, the joy!  Gets me in a better mood every time!

     I don’t need the car, it’s the joy I think it will bring me that I want to feel.  So I go to joy whenever I begin to feel negative.  I invoke the picture in my mind of something that makes me feel joyous and I let myself feel that emotion.

    Focus is key…change your focus from negative to positive.  Yes, you can do it!  As Abraham Lincoln said, “A person is just about as happy as he chooses to be.”  (I paraphrase, of course.) Happiness is a choice, and a habit.  

     Another step is to believe in the possibility.  Quantum physics tells us that everything is potential, possibility, until we observe it.  Then it becomes real.  Believe that what you want is possible, stay focused on the end result…that you have it already….and watch it appear!

     Step four in training your brain toward positivity is expectation.  Expect a miracle!  Expect to see what you want!  Expect to have the life of your dreams!  Without expectation, you’re just hoping.  Hope is better than no hope, but expecting to see what you want is better!  So many times I’ve kept myself from having what I want because I don’t expect anything.  Guess what, no expectation…that’s what you’ll get!

     These are the steps to train your brain toward positivity…toward your end result, which is to be happy.  Isn’t that really what you want?

     The steps:

     1.  Lean your brain toward being a little happier.  Think of something that has made you happy in the past and let yourself feel that emotion.  Your brain responds to emotion.  Don’t try to go from deep despair to bliss; just go up the scale of emotions a little at a time.  If 10 is blissful, and suicidal is 1, and you’re feeling like a 3, shoot for 4.  It’s baby steps.  Your brain will go to 4 if you direct it to.  With no direction, it will stay put and you’ll be one unhappy camper.

     2.  Change your focus.  If you’re feeling really down, focus on something that makes you feel a little better.  What has made you laugh in the past?  What has made you feel good?  If you must go down memory lane, go down a happy lane.  Feel that emotion.  Let it bring you up, just a notch or two.  Every time you do this, it will get better, until one day, you’ll catch yourself feeling a little low, and you’ll immediately go to a happy place.

    3.   Become a believer in the possible!  As someone said, “If everything is energy [and we know from Einstein that is is], then anything is possible!”  Train yourself to look for possibilities, rather than think what you want is impossible.  As quantum physics teaches, you’ll see it when you believe it!

    4.  Have great expectations!  Expect to see a miracle!  It’s a miracle that we’re alive!  Celebrate life and keep expecting more and better!

Most of all…learn to enjoy each moment.  Life is in the moment, not the past, not the future.  Right here, right now….this is your life and it is spectacular!   Make it even more so!

Yes, You Can!

Today is 11-12-2013…or, as my oldest daughter pointed out…11-12-13.  Is there something magical about this? Probably not….but maybe!  I believe in magic, because I believe in possibilities.  I believe we live in a world of ultimate, infinite possibilities, because I know, at a deep, cellular level, that anything is possible.  I’ve learned from quantum physics that our universe is potential…fluid and always moving.  Therefore, we have the ability to see anything we want to see, to make, from that potential.

Today is my birthday, which makes those numbers, 11-12-13, even more magical to me.  I’m a dreamer, always thinking, dreaming, of what might be.  One of my favorite quotes is from Robert Kennedy, “Some see things as they are and ask why; I dream things that never were and ask, why not?”

Why not…why can’t I do…be….have?  Who says?  My mother raised six children on welfare, I am the oldest.  I was a high school drop out, now I have four degrees.  Who says you can’t be, do, have, whatever you dream?  I’ve had many dreams in my life, and they’ve all come true.  I know, with perseverance, with steadfast adherence to your dreams, you can see them come true.

Dreams come from an inner urge…some call it your inner guide.  I call it my Divine Self.  Whatever you call those them…pay attention!  Don’t let anyone talk you out of them!

Listen to your dreams and then listen to your inner voice telling you what you need to do.

Don’t settle for a life of mediocrity!  Today is a magical day, let it be the day you begin to listen to your dreams…and see them manifest!

Happy birthday!

Yes, You Can!

I watched a video of older people rehearsing a song, preparing for an annual performance.  All of these people were sixty or older, one was in his nineties.  All loved to sing, so much so that some of them overcame physical adversities to attend rehearsals.  Some came in wheelchairs, some aided by walkers.  Nothing stopped them.  In the course of the time of rehearsing for the performance-over a period of several months-one was diagnosed with cancer and subsequently died, before the performance.  His passing made the performance even more poignant.

     One of the songs the director wanted them to sing is “I Can”.  This is an extremely difficult song to sing!  Over and over, they started.  Over and over he yelled, “No, no, no!”  Many times some would say, “I can’t!”  and tried to quit.  Many times the director would throw up his hands and say, “Okay, let’s throw it out!”  But…they persevered.  After many weeks of frustration, they nailed it!  

     The lesson is, regardless of age or physical condition, whatever you can dream, you can accomplish!  Many times these people would have said, “No, I can’t!” and the world would have lost out of a great motivational song, sung by people who thought they couldn’t!

     Yes, you can!  Whatever dream you have, know that is something you can accomplish.  All it takes is focus, determination, perseverance, and passion.   Our dreams and desires come from a higher place within our psyche; we don’t have a dream without the ability to see it to fruition.  I remember a line in a movie about John Denver, he said, “Do you know how hard it is to have these songs that I want to sing, and nobody wants to hear them?”  Unfortunately for John, people do want to hear them, now that he’s gone.  The moral is, keep singing.  Keep moving forward with your dream.  If it’s a book you want to write, write it!  Don’t worry about how it’s going to be published, or if anyone will want to read it.  Just write!  If it’s a painting, just paint!  If it’s being the CEO of a major corporation, research what great CEO’s do.  Learn all about what being a CEO means.  Just move forward!  Even if all you do each day is find pictures in a magazine that depict your dream, do it!  We have the dreams because of something within us that wants to be expressed.  We can…see our dreams manifest!  

Don’t discount your dreams, but remember to take action.  You’ll know what you need to do. You have an inner guide…some call it intuition…that will let you know what you need to do each day.

     Yes, you can!!!