Yes, You Can, Have a Magical Life!

Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years, many of those years in solitary confinement.  He went into prison a bitter, angry young man.  Over the course of those 27 years he discovered a poem that not only sustained him, it transformed him.  When he was freed from prison, he was already free in his mind.  He was a man who knew that anger, violence and unforgiveness were not the answer to the life he wanted, nor the way to empower his people and make the country what he wanted.  That poem was Invictus, by William Ernest Henley.  The lines that sustained Mandela are:  “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”

     Few of us understand those lines.  Most of us believe that life happens to us and we just get by as best we can.  But the truth is, we are the masters of our fate, we are the captains of our souls.  That is the secret to having a magical life.

     There is within each of us an Inner Guide that will show us the way to master our lives, to captain our souls, if we will only get in touch with it, listen to it, and heed it.  Some call it intuition.  Whatever name you call it, it is a power that each of us have, that is ours to use, to create the life we want.  The magic is, that it works.  It’s working all the time, we just don’t realize it.  When we get in touch with it, this Inner Guide, this Power, we can learn to use it deliberately and there is the magic.

     There are some tools to have the magical life you want.  Those tools are:  1) Get in touch with your Inner Guide.  You get in touch by spending some time in silence, meditating, contemplating, and listening.  There is a voice – your Inner Guide – that will speak to you, but you need to learn to hear it.

     2)  Uncover your hidden beliefs about your ability to have the life you want.  I’ve talked about beliefs in previous blogs.  All of us have hidden beliefs that keep us bound up in lives of quiet desperation.  Get to know yours.  How?  By mediating, in contemplation, and listening.  Three simple ways to discover what you truly believe, but so difficult to practice!  We live in an age of instant gratification and meditation and getting to know yourself at a deep level takes time.

   3)  Change those beliefs.  Once you’ve discovered your beliefs and that they do not serve you, change them!  How?  Ask yourself, do I really believe this about myself?  If not, what do you believe?  Reframe the belief into one that is truly yours.  Most of us have old beliefs hung over from childhood.  Ask yourself, what do I really believe, about myself, life, my ability to have what I want.  Think about all you’ve accomplished, use that as a stepping stone to creating a new belief.

    4)  Raise your vibration.  The universe is one great vibration and it responds to vibration.  The higher your vibration, the more likely you’ll see the life you want manifest.  And it will manifest more quickly!  How do you change your vibration?  A man named Henry Wood, in the early 20th century, suggested a mental gymnasium:  focus on what you want, then focus on things that make you feel good.  Practice daily the mental gymnasium of staying in a high vibration by focusing on beauty, love, joy, things that make you feel good.  The universe will respond to your higher vibration and you will begin to see your magical life manifest.

     5)  Practice!  Live as if you already have the life you want.  Visualize yourself doing the things you love, being with people you love, having whatever it is that you want.  If it’s the job of your dreams, visualize daily…see yourself going to work, being surrounded by people who match your vibration (but make it high!), laughing, creating, building, living. Whatever it is that you want, visualize yourself already having it.  Practice all these things:  getting in touch and staying in touch with your Inner Guide; changing old beliefs, raising your vibration.  

     Do this.  Watch your magical life unfold!  Yes, you can!  Happy New Year!  Happy New Life!


Yes You Can! Have a Magical LIfe!

It’s Christmas time.  Whether you’re a Christian, or any other religion, or no religion at all, this time of the year catches hold of our imaginations, our secret yearnings, our hopes, our dreams.  This season has become synonymous with miracles, finding true love, achieving the life of your dreams.  It’s also synonymous with realizing the life you’ve been living isn’t the one you really want.  

     Christmas comes laden with many hopes and desires, but the true meaning of Christmas, the real Magic of Christmas, is the love it inspires in all of us.  We may spend the month agonizing over what to give all those people on our “must-give-to” list, but behind the agony is a love that wants to be expressed, whether we realize it or not.

     It’s that emotion we call love that is the true Magic.  This universe, quantum physicists tell us, is made up of vibration and it responds to vibration.  Love is the highest vibration of all.  Think about it.  When you’re holding a new baby, what do you feel?  How do you feel?  When you’re new in love with someone, how do you feel?  Like you can conquer the world, jump over the highest building, climb the highest mountain, attain anything you desire, right?  Exhilarated beyond imagination.  That’s the vibration the universe responds to more quickly than any other.  That’s the Magic.

     How do you have a magical life?  You have to get to the vibration of Love, consistently, and stay there, as much as possible.  How do you do that when you’re feeling depressed?  Let yourself feel the depression.  Don’t deny it.  Get out your journal and write about it. Feel the depression, until you can’t stand the feeling anymore.  Don’t try to talk yourself out of it.  Don’t run to the refrigerator to try to eat your way out of it.  Just let yourself feel it.  All day.  Then ask yourself, “What’s causing this today? Then ask yourself, “Is this the way I want to live?” When you’ve written all you can write, stood the depression as long as you can, then begin to think about how you’d like to feel.  When you’ve been in a depressed state of mind for awhile, you’re not going to feel 100% better immediately.  You have to feel yourself up the emotional scale.  What feels better than depression?  Think about that for a while, then begin to move into it.

     We’re learning to retrain our brains to become the person, live the life we truly want.  Until now, we’ve thought only a few could see their dreams materialize, live the lives they want.  That’s the lie we’ve been taught.  The truth is we were born to be rich, to live abundantly and to be healthy.  Before we can step into that life, though, we have to believe it.  We begin to believe it by re-training our brains to fit the new beliefs we want to live.

     It’s magical, but not as easy as waving a magic wand.  It takes work.  More importantly, it takes the desire and discipline to do the work.  Most of us want the magic wand.

     Merry Christmas!

Yes You Can…Do You Believe It?

A young man told me that he has uncovered a belief that he thinks is keeping him from the abundant life he wants.  “Now”, he asked, “How do I change that belief?”  

     Making the discovery that there is a belief that’s keeping you from seeing your dreams come true is huge!  So many of us don’t take the time to think about, not to mention, doing the inner work that will help us discover our limiting beliefs.  Taking the time is the first step.  It doesn’t require hours and hours of therapy.  Just realizing that there may be a belief that’s preventing you from seeing your dreams come true is the most important step.  From there, beliefs long buried will begin to bubble up.  You’ll be surprised at the images, thoughts, ideas, that will begin to surface.  Once they begin, there is no stopping them!

The second step is to write them down.  Keep a journal of your beliefs.  As you write them, begin to question yourself…Do I really believe this?…Is this something I believe now?  

Third step…How you change the belief?  Having written it in your journal, ask yourself again if you really believe it or is it a hangover from your youth?  If you discover you still do believe it, how can you change it?  For many people, a belief about money is that money is evil and rich people are evil, or became rich illegally.  If either of those are your beliefs, once, again, examine the belief.  What is the reason you believe that money is evil?  Is it really?  Do you really believe it?  How else can you look at money?  What good do you think money can do?  For me, every time I hear of the huge amounts of the lottery, I think, “What a lot of good I could do with that!”  Or, “What fun I could have with that much money!”

     Everything…EVERYTHING!…is energy.  Everything in this Universe is energy.  That means, money, too.  So, if everything is energy, anything is possible.  I believe in possibilities.  That’s why I believe that my dreams and your dreams, can come true.

To change your beliefs, to live the life of your dreams, change your beliefs.  Whatever your belief is, you can change it. It just takes some time, some thought, and the desire to live differently.

What’s your dream?  What’s the belief that’s holding you back?  You can change it!  

Yes, You Can!!

What if you could have the life of your dreams?  What if money were no obstacle?

Once upon a time I mentored a young woman who had a dream.  I encouraged her to keep dreaming, to follow her dream.  Her parents were very upset with me, to the point that I was forbidden to see her again.  I was filling her head with unrealistic ideas, they said.  I was setting her up for failure.

I like to read and my preference for recreational reading is books about people who dream big and aren’t afraid to follow their dreams.  The happy ending is about the realization of those dreams.  Unrealistic, you say?  For some people, yes.  They dream, but don’t believe they have a chance of seeing those dreams materialize.

I’ve had many dreams in my lifetime…and I’ve seen most of them materialize.  Some haven’t, but I realize now that I’ve changed over the years and the dreams that haven’t come true don’t fit me anymore.  For example, one dream was to ride my bike around the world.  Since I first had that dream, I’ve endured several accidents that have left me with many fractured bones and now I ride a recumbent tricycle instead of a bicycle.  My desire to ride around the world has diminished.  Sometimes I read with yearning other cyclists’ adventures, but I’m content with just riding around my neighborhood, for exercise.

The point is, if you have, or had, a dream that has not materialized, don’t beat yourself up.  Re-visit the dream.  Take some time to sit with it and let your inner guide tell you if that dream is still something for which you yearn, or if it’s time to let it go.  If it’s time to let it go, I suggest a letting go ceremony.  Every year in January, I lead a group of people through a letting go ceremony in which we write down the things in our lives that no longer serve us, then we burn them.  The act of writing and burning helps with the letting go and any lingering misgivings or grief we might have over the dream.

Then let your inner guide show you a new dream, one that fits you now.  Your inner guide is your soul.  Your soul dreams; you, in your physical body, help to make the dream come true.  Your dreams are your soul’s urges for you to expand, to evolve.  Evolution, expansion, of our selves, is the reason we are here.  The dreams you have aren’t selfish, aren’t just for getting things, or prestige.  Your dreams are the way your soul urges you on to a greater way of being, a more fulfilled person and life.  Heaven on earth…that’s the reason for your dreams.  You create heaven on earth whenever you let yourself dream and then see your dreams materialize.

Yes, you can…have the life of your dreams!  Your soul wants it, your dreams are your soul’s urges for expansion, for becoming the you that you were meant to be!