Yes, You Can! Have An Unlimited Life.

We live in a Cosmic Soup, so-called by quantum physicists because the Universe looks like a rich soup, full of possibilities swimming around, just as a soup that a great cook makes is swimming with tasty, interesting ingredients.  The soup gets its flavor from the ingredients, just as the ingredients are enriched by the broth of the soup.

And like a basic soup, the Universe is not solid.  It is liquid; the solidity that we think we see is our thoughts and our awareness.  Our thoughts and our awareness, our consciousness, create the solid world we see and feel.  The concept of a liquid universe, with no solidity other than my thought, is difficult for my finite mind to grasp.  And yet, this is what we learn from quantum physics.  The universe is like a broth, rich and solid because of my thoughts, just as a broth is liquid until I add potatoes, onions, carrots, and other ingredients.  

     The importance of this for my life is that, because the Universe is liquid, is fluid, it is full of potential and possibilities.  The Universe is energy and information, from which I can draw, from which I can use to create whatever I want to create!  The possibilities are limited only by my imagination!  Anything I can imagine, I can create.  Goethe told us this many years ago:  “If you can dream it, you can do it.”  

     My life, your life, is limited only by our imagination.  Everything, including the Universe, began with a thought, with imagination.  Most of us gave up on our dreams, the products of our imaginations, long ago, when someone, usually our parents, told us to “…get our heads out of the clouds…”.  

     It’s time to get our heads back in the clouds.  It’s time to start imagining again.  It’s time to start dreaming again.  And dream big!  Without someone’s imagination, we wouldn’t have cars, trains, planes, space shuttles.  We wouldn’t have highways, skyscrapers, or even sticky notes!

     You can have an unlimited life!  All you have to do is imagine it!



Yes, You Can! Live A Life Without Limits!

Years ago, a popular magazine ran a column entitled, Of Two Minds.  The column was written by two women, a mother and her daughter.  It was an interesting column, about timely subjects written with the viewpoint of two generations.

Each of us has two minds…our conscious mind and a subconscious mind.  The conscious mind is the one we’re most familiar with, because it is, well, conscious.  We think with our conscious minds.  We plan.  We feel and reason with our conscious mind.  It controls our voluntary muscles.  It discriminates between right and wrong. Or, and unfortunately for most of us, it drifts, acts impulsively, reacts, positively or negatively, to stimuli.  Like a piece of driftwood, sometimes our conscious mind just drifts through life.  We, consequently, do the same.  Our conscious mind is the gatekeeper of our life.

The other part of our mind is the subconscious.  Like a good commander, it receives directives from its captain, our conscious mind.  If you wonder why your life is the way it is, examine what your conscious mind is doing…or not doing.  What is your conscious mind telling your subconscious mind.  If your thoughts are primarily thoughts of worry and doubt, of negativity, your subconscious mind is going to reflect those thoughts back to you.  The subconscious mind does not reason inductively.  It takes your thoughts and works them out logically.  For example, you want a healthy body, but what do you think about most of the time?  Are your thoughts focused on  maintaining your health, eating nutritious food, getting enough rest and exercise?  Or are most of your thoughts geared toward worry about the ache you might have from over-excercising, or from fear of getting the latest disease?  Are you fearful of becoming too sick to work?

Once, again a long time ago, when I was single and trying to support a teenager on my almost minimum-wage salary, trying to keep up with all her wants and my wants, and our needs, I feared becoming a bag lady.  I think I even joked about it frequently.  Lo and behold…I became…well, not quite a bag lady, not quite homeless, but close.

Our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between the truth and a joke.  If we say something often enough, we’ll see it in our life! Even the words of people with whom we associate, if left to soak into our subconscious, will affect our lives.

Philosopher Ernest Holmes once said that our minds gave rise to our bodies.  Most of us don’t understand that.  We don’t realize that what we feed our minds, just as what we feed our bodies, affects our bodies, therefore our lives.  What we continue to focus on will become our life.

Your subconscious mind has unlimited power.  Using it wisely, by focusing only on what you want to show up in your body, in your life, will result in the kind of life you want.  If you constantly affirm health, happiness, and wealth, not just with your words, but being able to feel those words, let the emotion behind the words become your way of being, you will see a healthy body.  You will be happy, and you will begin to experience the kind of life you want.  Your dreams, your secret desires, will begin to show up.

The great news is, we are the ones who determine this.  We can practice everything I’m talking about.  You can experiment with an idea…what do you want?  Take a baby step, choose something easy at first, focus on that, think about it.  Imagine how you’d feel if it were your reality.  Tell your subconscious mind what you want, then let it go to work.  Don’t try to tell it how to do its work.  Just say what you want, keep focused on it, then go on about your day.

Journaling about what you want is a great way to track your experiment.  Write the date and what you want.  Stay focused on what you want.  Act as if you already have it by assuming the feeling you’ll have.  Feel that every day.  Then…when what you want shows up, give thanks, be grateful.  Write your gratitude in your journal, along with the date of your reception.

Have fun, and remember, your thoughts and words send powerful messages to your subconscious mind!  Make sure they are the messages you want it to hear!