Yes You Can…Live An Unlimited Life!

Solid or Liquid…It’s Your Choice


In New Mexico, when we go into a Mexican restaurant, once we’ve given our order, the wait person asks, “Red or Green?”. If you’re not from New Mexico, this can be a perplexing question. We have two choices of chili in New Mexico, red and green. Some people prefer red, some green. Then, there are those like my husband who like both. His answer is, “Christmas.”

In life, we have the choice, solid or liquid. We get to choose whether we see life as solid, which most of us do, because we’ve been conditioned to seeing this physical world in a certain way. We call this reality. I’ve often been accused of being unrealistic because I refuse to look at life from the material, or physical, point of view. I know there is another Reality and that is the one I choose to live from.

Physicists tell us that our universe is an Observer-created Reality, that life and the world is created minute by minute by what we observe, and we observe according to what we have been taught to believe. Remember that Columbus wanted to sale around the world west to the East Indies, because he believed the world was round. People laughed and scoffed at him, because, you know the world is flat! Just look outside….does it look like you can sail past the edge? He finally found someone who believed in him (changed her conditioned beliefs) and funded his trip.

What we believe, and expect, we see. Quantum physics tells us that Reality is not absolute; it isn’t static or concrete. It’s fluid, like water, and always changing. I call these two options, solid or liquid, Higher Case Reality, or Lower Case reality. Higher Case Reality is alive and being created minute by minute, by our observations, expectations and beliefs. It is also affected by Intent. Most of us live in LC reality; we are like sleepwalkers, living life by default, thinking that “…this is all there is…”, and accepting it. We aren’t awake to our own Power.

What is that Power? It’s living consciously, knowing we have a Power and we are aware of it, and how to use it. Living consciously we are awake to the knowledge that Power, coupled with Intent, can create a Reality in which we live abundantly, in good health, and happy.

Intent is the strongest force in the universe. It’s focused, directed attention of your awareness and energy. It is always in effect. The minute you set an Intent, you create it, set it in motion. You may not think so, because you may not see it as instantaneously as it is created, but it exists. We don’t see our Intents manifest instantaneously because we’re still thinking as linear people. We’re still thinking with our conditioned minds to see the solid, rather than the liquid.

Physicists tell us that things in the quantum world do not happen in steps, they happen instantaneously, but we don’t see them instantaneously because we don’t expect them that fast. I have a neighbor who is landscaping his front yard. Each year since he built the house, he’s done something new to the yard. It seems like it’s taking forever to finish! However it looks, he most likely had a picture in his mind of how he wanted the finished product. In his mind’s eye, he saw the yard complete. But we, the neighbors, only see the piece-by-piece creation of it.

We, with our linear thinking, don’t see the end result. It’s only when we begin to see as a quantum physicist, and know that what we believe, we’ll see, when we’ll actually manifest what we want. What we see, experience and feel with our five senses always comes after the decision to see the experience and feel it. We live in an Observer-created Reality…the universe is made of nothing but waves and particles of energy that conform to our expectations, judgements and beliefs. Quantum physicist, Fred Alan Wolf, said, “…the universe doesn’t exist without a perceiver of that universe.” What we expect, we see.

I taught a class with the purpose of teaching people how to be happy just because. How to be happy just because you want to feel good. It’s based on Positive Psychology and Neuroscience, teaching your brain to be positive. We learned that we could set a score on a scale form 50 – 100, of how good we wanted to feel on any given day. The score didn’t measure how good we felt, but how good we wanted to feel that day. That was the number we wanted to attain. We were training our brains how to feel good, just because we wanted to. What we expected, we got.

Solid or liquid…you get to choose. A life lived in the HC Reality, where anything is possible, or LC reality, where you just exist? You get to choose! And…when you choose liquid, you change. Your life changes. And the world changes, as well, because at a deep level, we are all connected.


Yes, You Can…Live the Life of Your Dreams!

Mac was a bitter, angry man. His oldest son was killed by a young man on drugs. The young man was a person of color, which caused Mac to be prejudiced against black people….or any person who wasn’t white. Mac took his anger out on everyone around him, including his only surviving child, another son. And of course, this son had problems, with school, with his father, with life in general.

     Mac was a cop and had a new partner who was black and a part time preacher. One day they were called to a crime scene…a burglary in process. Calling out to the burglars to stop, Mac shot one who was fleeing…only to discover he had shot his son. Doctors were able to keep his son alive, but the shot was to his kidney, which had to be removed. During surgery, it was discovered that his second kidney was diseased and nonfunctional. He would need a transplant to survive. Neither parents had compatible blood types, so they could not donate.  

     A search for a donor ensued, but Blake’s condition worsened. Through a series of coincidences, it was discovered that Mac’s partner, the black preacher/cop, had a compatible blood type. He gave one of his kidneys so that Blake could live.

     All these circumstances were enough to melt Mac’s heart; he was learning forgiveness and unconditional love. Mac and his family, including his recovering son, Blake, began attending services where his partner was the minister. During one service, a stranger appeared at the door. He walked down the aisle to the pew where Mac sat, and stopped. He confessed to be the one who had shot and killed Mac’s older son. He had spent his life atoning for that act…first by serving out his prison sentence, then in retribution for the things he had stolen. He stood there in that church, before Mac and his family, begging for forgiveness.

     When we can face the obstacle of our misery…as Mac did that day…facing the man who took the life of his son…and wrap our arms around him, and say, “I forgive you…”, our lives begin to transform. For 17 years Mac had hated this man, mourned for his son. But this day, he could say, “I forgive you…” Mac began to live as a new man…reborn in the gift of Forgiveness.

     Now, you may ask, why would I write about forgiveness in a blog about living your life’s dream? Consider this…when your heart is bound up in a grudge against someone; when you have unforgiveness in your heart, there is no room for growth, no room for expansion. Without room in your heart for growth, there is simply no way you can live the life of your dreams.

     Are you holding a grudge against someone? They probably don’t even know it…or care. But you do. And you are stuck. Even if the person you “can’t forgive” is yourself. We don’t realize the effect not being able to forgive ourselves for something has on how we are in the world…our self-worth.

     For years there was something in my life for which I just couldn’t forgive myself. One day, I discovered there was no reason to keep myself stuck in unforgiveness. I was only hurting myself. The person I thought I had hurt didn’t hold me responsible. We often call out to God to forgive us. What if I told you God doesn’t hold grudges? How would that affect you?

     Forgive…yourself, or whoever you may be holding a grudge against. Let it go. Then watch…your life will open up and you will be amazed at the magic that begins to happen!

     Forgive and forget…two key words for living the life of your dreams!

Yes You Can…Have the Life of Your Dreams!

Last blog I talked about spring cleaning your mind.  I gave suggestions, which included discovering what old beliefs are cluttering the closet of your mind; what beliefs do you have that don’t fit any more?

     In this week’s blog I’ll share some ways to install new beliefs, those that fit who you are today, and will facilitate your journey to your greater yet to be.

     You’ve pulled out all the “stuff” that you’ve been hiding in the closet of your mind and are ready to begin filling it with new ideas and new beliefs.  First and foremost, you don’t have to unearth every belief that’s been holding you back.  That could take years and you want to start moving forward, right?!

     How to “re-stock” the closet of your mind:

     1.  Re-phrase any limiting belief that you’ve identified, into a positive belief.  For example, if you’ve had the belief that money is hard to come by or you’ll never get ahead, change those to:  “money comes to me easily, whenever I want it” And, “I have all the money I want, to do whatever I need or want to do.”  If it’s a companion or partner you want, say “I have the perfect partner who loves me and wants to be with me as much as I want to be with her/him.”

     At first repeating these new belief/phases may sound or feel phony, but as you continue to repeat them, they’ll feel more comfortable and before long you’ll begin to feel them as your truth. The repetition creates a new neuropath in your brain, thus creating a new belief.

     2.  Act as if you already believe your new belief; begin taking baby-steps toward achieving your goal.  The action sends a message to your mind that you believe what you’re saying and you accept the new belief as if it is already true.

     3.  Repeat when necessary and for every new belief you want.


By changing your beliefs, you’ll begin to see changes in your life.  Soon you’ll be living the life you want, the life you were born to live!

Change your beliefs, change your life!