Do Your Dreams Shake the Ground?

Cale is a 10 year old girl, wise beyond her years. Her father, Ben, though much older, of course, was not as wise. Or, perhaps more truthfully, Ben had just had life drummed out of him. Many of us, though we begin life with all the belief and faith that Cale had, lose it along the way. We lose faith in our dreams when, one by one, they don’t come true. We say, as Ben said, “What’s the point of dreaming? They never come true.”. We lose hope, until we just exist, hoping to make it through whatever particular problem we’re facing on any given day.

Ah, but Cale…Cale had enough belief and hope and dreams to carry everyone around her.

Cale’s dream was wrapped up in a racehorse…a damaged racehorse, one that everyone said, because of a broken leg, the horse should have been put down. Ben refused and nursed it back to health; then the consensus was, it would never race again.

One day, through a fluke, Ben and Cale discovered, not only could the filly run, she ran like the wind! They began to train her to race.

And race she did! Her comeback was to race in and win, a huge, very important, big money race. Even qualifying for and paying the entrance fees required an extreme step of faith. Once more, Cale’s faith carried everyone through.

As Dreamer (the horse’s name) carried the family’s silks over the finish line, Cale saw not just a winning-against-all-the-odds horse, she saw the rebirth of her father’s faith. She saw her family begin to mend.

The Master teacher, Jesus said, a little child will lead them. He also said we needed the faith of a little child to see miracles in our lives. Children dream and have faith because they haven’t yet had it drummed out of them.

I was a dreamer, once upon a time. My mother told me, so many times, to get my head out of the clouds. I quit dreaming. Sometime in my thirties, I began to realize it was ok to dream. I began to let myself dream again. Now I have so many dreams, I wonder how I can get to them all.

Philosopher Ernest Holmes admonished us to live large. Cale’s horse was a great champion. The earth shook when she ran.

My dreams are so many and so great, they shake the ground! Do yours?


Money – Another Form of Energy

The past few weeks I’ve been talking about levels of reality – the physical, quantum and virtual. We live in the physical realm and have been conditioned to think it’s the only reality, but the true reality is the virtual. Some of us only know virtual reality from science fiction, and think that’s all it is. The truth is, everything came from the virtual reality and it’s still in existence. Beyond everything we can see – and can’t see – is the virtual reality, the nothingness from which everything came. The virtual reality is energy.

Everything is energy. Everything. Energy in different forms. Remember the “creature” that came out of the water in The Abyss? That’s energy, taking on a form to show itself to the crew on the ship. Energy is a shape-shifter; it takes on the form our thoughts and words give it.

If everything is energy, then money is just another form of energy. We’ve created money as a way of exchange for goods and in the process, it’s taken on a meaning far beyond the original concept. We’ve wrapped up all our hopes and dreams in the energy of money. What do you want most in life? Most of us have a list, some longer than others, of things we want, thinking they’ll make us happy. The bottom line is – we want to be happy. We also want to be free – free to live the way we want to live, do the things we want to do.

There’s a Sanskrit phrase – sat-chit-ananda – which translates – freedom. Our essence is freedom. Our souls yearn to be free. And yet, we’re bound up in this physical realm, because of one word – money. We’ve given over our freedom to money. You say, “But it takes money to be free; I have bills to pay.” What if you changed your relationship with money? What if just changing your emotional reaction to money could transform your life?

What are some of your beliefs about money? For me, it’s “Money is hard to come by.” “I never have enough.” “Money is the root of all evil.” (I don’t believe this anymore, but I grew up hearing it.) “I need a job.” For some it might be, “I’ll never get ahead.” “The rich get richer and I get poorer.” How do you feel when the subject of money, or anything related to it – your job, for example, comes up? How does your body feel? How do you feel when you think about winning the lottery? Can you imagine winning the lottery? How would you spend $100 million?

Here’s a game I play. Whatever the lottery is, I’d take it in one lump sum. I’ve heard that the payout is half, so if the lottery is $100 million, the payout would be $50 million. I sit down with pad and pencil and figure out how I’d spend $50 million. I know exactly how I’d spend it! What’s the point? I get excited, thinking of all I’d do. The freedom I’d have. I let that wave of emotion take hold. That’s what you want to do – change your vibration about money.

Money is a tool for us to use, but as long as we have negative feelings about it, we’ll always be without. How do you change your relationship? Realize that money – or the lack of – is a result of your consciousness – your thoughts, feelings and beliefs…Money, like water, is a shape-shifter. It takes the form of the container of your consciousness.

When you begin to look at money as another form of energy, and energy comes from the virtual realm, from the Intelligence that created the universe, perhaps you can change your relationship with it. When you begin to connect everything in life, including money, as coming from the Intelligence that created the universe, it can transform how you resonate with it. When your relationship with money resonates at a higher vibration, you begin to flow the energy and the physical circumstances can transform quickly.

Einstein said that we live in a spiritual universe.  If that’s so, then everything is spiritual, including money.  Thinking of money as another form of energy and spirituality, gives it new meaning.

When we connect to the spiritual dimension, we are connected to an unlimited Source that always replenishes what we need. This is the Source of all intelligence and joy, of creativity and prosperity. When you’re connected to Source, everything and everyone around is affected, even the exchange of money. When you can look at money as a representation of your connection to the Source of all creation and abundance, then you transform your relationship with it. You realize you are a limitless person. There are no limits to joy, love or peace. Why would money, which just another form of energy, have limits on how much we can have?

Energy is your divine birthright. You are energy, contained in this body. Money is another form of energy, just as your body is. Try this: when you pay your bills, be thankful for the electricity, the gas, the water, the telephone, the house you live in. When you drive, be thankful for the car, the gas, the highways you drive on. When you shop, be thankful for the bountiful array of food and clothing available, and that you have the money to pay for everything you buy. When you go out to eat, be thankful for the food, the people who made it available, the cook, the waitstaff, and that you have the money to pay for it.

Instead of being afraid you won’t have enough money give thanks for what you have, and know that a loving Creator always provides. Set your Intention to change your relationship with money and watch yourself become the prosperous person you were born to be!

Beyond Solid or Liquid – The Virtual Realm

I’ve been talking about the quantum and physical realms; the quantum realm is fluid, liquid – it holds all potential and possibilities.  The physical realm is solid and fixed – or so it seems.

The relevance for our lives is that, if you can grasp the notion of a quantum realm, can understand that in the ultimate Reality, nothing is really fixed or solid, then anything is possible…whatever you dream about, you can have.

Everything appears solid because of vibration – everything exists as energy vibrations and we vibrate at a much slower vibration than the quantum realm.

Beyond the physical and quantum realms, there is another – the virtual realm.  While the physical realm appears to be solid and fixed and the quantum realm is always in a state of flux, the virtual realm is still.  In the virtual realm there is nothing, no time, no space, no visible light.   No past, no present, no future.  Nothing, and yet…everything.  The virtual realm holds all the energy.  It is there, holding the potential of everything.  The virtual realm existed before the Big Bang and it exists now.

The virtual realm is the seat of knowledge; everything was created from this knowledge.  Without it, nothing is created.

Anything you want to achieve comes from this knowledge.  Without it, there is nothing.  Whatever you want to be, do, or have, you must first contact the knowledge of the virtual realm, and then learn to cooperate with it.

Einstein said we live in a spiritual universe.  If this is so (and I believe it is) then we must discover this knowledge, which is Spirit, and learn to cooperate with it.  Deepak Chopra said the whole aim of spirituality is to find this knowledge and cooperate with it.

How do you find the knowledge?  In the silence.  By getting quiet and still and listening.  It’s waiting for you.  When you find it, you’ll discover a world of magic!

I guarantee it.  Just be still and listen.

Choose Liquid!

Why Liquid? Last week I talked about a solid vs liquid universe and that you get to choose which one you live in. Today I’m going to talk about why life is richer if you choose liquid. If you were choosing between eating an orange or drinking its juice (solid vs liquid) I’d tell you the orange is better for you. Why? Because of the fiber in the solid orange. But in choosing between a liquid or solid universe – I’d choose liquid any day. Why? Because the universe is liquid at the quantum level. It only appears solid because of our perception. At the quantum level solidity disappears. Atoms are composed of energy packets that are not solid. Everything is made of energy; there is no mass, no size, nothing to see or touch.

At the quantum level, everything – you, me, our world – is invisible vibrations. At the quantum level, everything is 99,9999% empty space. Everything is energy vibrations that wink in and out of existence millions of times per second. The whole universe is a quantum mirage, blinking in and out of existence millions of times a second. This is why the world looks solid. Quantum flashes are millions of times too rapid for us to notice, so our brains trick us by “seeing” solid objects that are continuous in time and space.

Think of the way we see movies. We think we are seeing realistic scenes, with people interacting on a screen, but what we’re really seeing is still pictures flashing by, each still picture separated by a gap as the pictures are changed. You and I exist as a blinking photon with a black void between each blink. We – and our reality – are being created over and over again, every minute of the day.

Physicists tell us that there is no reality until that reality is perceived. Physicist Fred Alan Wolf said, ” We can’t solve problems with the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”. Scientists began to realize that the expectations – not just what they thought they’d see, but what they expected to see – affected what they saw. When you realize this – and we have to take it on faith, unless we’re a master meditator and have experienced the quantum nothingness first hand – you begin to understand the fluidity of the universe, including your body and your life.

Last week I heard a conversation in a restaurant. An older woman was talking about how evil the world was, how things are really getting bad. I heard a real estate agent talking about the real estate market, how it’s getting better, but slowly. In all the research I’ve done on the economy, one thing is very clear: the economy is a figment of our imagination; it’s a representation of whether we see the universe (the economy) as solid or liquid. It’s a matter of whether we believe in possibilities or what race consciousness is screaming.

Which you choose, solid or liquid, possibilities or “facts”, determines your life. You can choose to live a solid, lower case reality and stay stuck in your current life, and that’s ok if you’re happy. But if you’re a person who has unfulfilled dreams and thinks this is all there is, choose liquid! Choose to believe in possibilities! Choose to dream, bigger and bigger!

Philosopher Ernest Holmes said we are meant to live largely! That is our innate nature! We can change anything by changing our observation. How? By being aware…awake to our life, our thoughts, words, beliefs, expectations. We can change by choosing to re-educate ourselves, to change our beliefs, our thoughts, our expectations. We can change by focusing on what we want, rather than “the way things are”.

Why liquid? To live the life of your dreams!