Do You Live From Memory or Inspiration?

Last week I wrote about the magic of living in the moment. Today I want to talk about living from memory or inspiration.

For many years I lived from memory. I was held captive by my past. Most of those memories were unhappy, but even the happy memories keep me chained in the past. When we live from memory, we give up our power. We can do nothing constructive if we live from memory.

Not all my past was unhappy. There were some good times. I have lived a long and interesting life; I’ve had two husbands and bore four children. As with most people, my life has had its share of happiness and pain. But if I dwell on either for very long, I’m living in the past.

As much as I value my past and the experiences I’ve had, I choose to live from inspiration. I believe that every person can be inspired, if they’re willing to listen for it.

Recently I watched an interview with a well-known personality, who was talking about his latest book. He said he felt like he was inspired by God as he wrote.

Mozart was composing magnificent music at an age when most boys are still pulling pranks and playing in the little league. I’ve read that he said that he “saw” complete symphonies in his mind before he began to write them down.

Most people know that Einstein was thought to be intellectually retarded; some biographies say that he didn’t speak until he was three years old and that in his early years he spoke slowly. No one, in Einstein’s youth, considered him to be a genius.

A friend says that we all have the capacity for genius, we just don’t realize it. We all have the seeds for greatness, but only if we live by inspiration. We all have the inherent ability to live from inspiration. In truth, that’s the only way we can live. Einstein said we live in a spiritual universe. Taking the religious meaning out of the equation, spiritual also means non-physical and unsubstantial. Quantum physics shows us that what we call “reality” is unsubstantial…everyone and everything is 99.9999 percent empty space.

The word inspiration comes from the root inspirare, which means to breathe into. We all are inspired by the Intelligence of the universe. It inspired us with the breath of life. Just being alive, we are inspired!

If we live by inspiration, there is no limit to what we can do or become!  The only limitation we have is the limit we put on ourselves.  For myself, I choose to live by inspiration.  Long ago, when I heard that most of us use only 10 percent of our mental capacity, I decided right then I wanted to find out how to use 100 percent of my mind.  I wanted to see what I could become if stopped limiting myself.  I have had a fantastic journey, and it continues today!  Each day is a day of awe, as I let myself be inspired, as I live from inspiration.

     It’s a choice we make.  Memory or Inspiration.  What’s yours?


This Magic Moment!

Do you live in the past, the present or the future? I confess, for most of my life, the past or the future was where I lived. The present was just too painful, the future whispered a promise of something better. And I was constantly reliving the past, trying to make it better!

     I’ve learned, though late (better late than never!), that the present is where life is. The present is where my power is! I’ve learned to let go the past….to the point I don’t even like reminiscing. I even don’t do much planning for the future, beyond setting goals and working toward them. I’ve finally decided the future will take of itself and I just need to live each day, even each moment, fully.

     Mystics of the ages have told us this, but it’s such a difficult lesson to incorporate. Once, not too long ago (last month!) I thought I needed to have every hour accounted for by some task or I was being lazy. Now I can let myself sit and just play a game or dream. Mystics also tell us we can accomplish more if we dream more, so I’m working at spending more time dreaming and just enjoying the day, watching butterflies, or playing solitaire. In the dreaming, in the watching butterflies, in the playing solitaire, I’m discovering what I really want, how I really want to live. And I’m watching “miracles” happen in my life.
Every morning I write my intentions for the day. Every night I write in my gratitude journal. During the time in between, I savor each moment, knowing that my intentions are coming about. I just need to stop worrying about when and know it all happens in the right time.
     And they…the intentions…are happening! I just have to pay attention and live in this moment. Each moment is magical. By living in the moment, I’m discovering the power I have to create the life I want. And that life is magical and juicy!

     Live now, this moment! This is where the magic is!

Good Intentions

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”  Heard that before?  I grew up with that, but I’ve discarded it, because I’ve learned otherwise.  

     Quantum physicist Amit Goswami claims that intention is the strongest force in the universe.  Journalist Lynn McTaggart wrote a book entitled The Intention Experiment, in which she discusses this force and invites readers to take part in an intention experiment online.

     Author and psychologist Wayne Dyer, in his book, The Power of Intention, quotes Carlos Castaneda:  “In the universe there is an immeasurable, indescribable force which shamans call intent, and absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link.”  Intention is not something we do, but is a force that exists as an invisible field of energy.  

     When I began to learn about intention as an invisible field of energy, I began to play with the concept.  Rather than make New Year’s Resolutions, I set intentions every New Year’s Day.  Every day I write in my intentions book, my intentions for the day.  I’ve discovered that setting an intention is far more effective in my life that wishing or dreaming, or making resolutions.

     For example, recently my husband and I had a garage sale.  I set an intention that we would make $500 or more.  He laughed at me.  By noon the second day, when the numbers of people were slowing down, we had $463. I rationalized that we would have made the $500 or more, but some of the things we thought we might sell, and some people came back for, we decided against selling.  Close enough, I said.  However, a few days later a neighbor, just hearing about our sale, wanted to come look.  She bought something that put us over the $500 mark!

     This is just one example of how setting intentions sets the universal force into motion.  I keep a “Possibilities Book”, a journal in which I write my intentions and when they manifest, I write the dates.  It’s evidence for me that life is, indeed, a possibility, and I get to decide what the possibilities will be!