Imagine Your World!

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand. Einstein

One summer I watched an eight-year-old girl at play.  She was on a trampoline and had the water hose, which was on.  She also had a kerchief and a bucket.  i watched and listened to her for more than an hour as she made up story after story, using those three props to ignite her imagination.  I was amazed!

We all were born with an active imagination, but most of us have had it conditioned out of us.  I sometimes say, “I have no imagination!”, when in truth, I do, but I’m afraid to let it loose.  When faced with a blank sheet of paper and told to draw something, I quake in fear!  I wish I were more like that eight-year-old!  I wish I remembered how to play!

I’ve said that I want more joy in my life.  I also want more play and I want to let my imagination take rein!  I want to sit with a blank canvas and let my hand and the brush take over.  I want to let whatever words want to come out, take over the sheet of paper.  This is my goal for my life now…to reignite my imagination.  I need more lessons from that eight-year-old!   However, she’s now 11, so I need to help her hang onto her imagination, so she can have a life of wonder, not just while she’s a child, but when she’s older.   I’m going to be with her for a week.  Maybe in that time, she can help me reunite with my imagination, and maybe I can help her to stay in the wonder.

Remember, as Einstein said, imagination is more important than knowledge.  Stay in the wonder!  If you’ve forgotten how to play, watch a child.  They are wonderful at play!


Visualize Your New Life

Do you visualize what you want your life to be?  Do you have a mental picture of how you want to live?  On my 49th birthday I sat down with pen and paper and wrote what I wanted for my life.  Today I’m living the majority of what I wrote.  There are some areas I’d like to be different, but those are areas I didn’t include in my list.  Now, a few days after my latest birthday (I shan’t say which!:)), I’m working on a visual of what I want for the next few years of my life.  This time I will include the areas I left out of the last one!

Visualizing is a fun way of planning your future.  When you visualize, you’re dreaming of what you want, but you get more specific, and you use different materials, so that your dreams satisfy your tactile senses.  When I sat with pen and paper, I just made a list.  Today I cut out pictures, make lists and doodle.  I have a scrapbook in which I glue my pictures or tape my lists.  I use post it notes and attach those to pages in certain categories.  I have a category for my professional dreams, my personal, family, financial, and even, because my coach said so, I have a category for wild and adventurous.  I love those two.  In my wild category, I’ve pasted a picture of a jet, because I’d like to own my own plane, or at least, have the financial means to charter a private plane.  A long time ago I loved flying.  Now, going through security and the long waits keep me earthbound!

Making my dreams visual sends a message to my psyche.  I’m bringing my dreams closer to reality by having a visual of them.  I have a little difficulty visualizing with just my mind…trying to see exactly what I want playing around in my mind.  By cutting out pictures of things that are similar and pasting them into a book, I can see them more clearly…and send the message to my brain…this is my plan for my future.  I’m also sending a message to the universe…this is what I want, let’s get busy and make it happen!

Do you visualize?  It’s fun!  Try it and see what happens.  Let me know.  Let’s visualize together, the life we want!


I love magic – real magic, not media magic, magicians who do sleight of hand tricks, smoke and mirrors.  Those are tricks.  I love the word ‘magic’.  It causes tingles in my body, hope in my heart.

Like most people, I long for a magic lantern with a genie who pops out and grants all my wishes…or at least, three wishes.  I long for the magic genie who will make all my dreams come true.

Abracadabra!  I do have a magic genie!  That genie is me! We all have a magic genie – ourselves.  Each of us has the power to make our lives magical, to have, be or do whatever we desire.

The word, ‘Abracadabra’ means, “I create as I speak.”  What a revelation!  The word has been relegated to the occult (there’s another word that gets a bad rap, but that’s another story!) and witchcraft (another word with a bad rap!) so we shy away from it.  Discovering it’s true meaning, it has become one of my favorite words!

Say it aloud; doesn’t it sound powerful!?  Doesn’t it make you feel powerful?  It, like the word magic, just feels like anything is possible.

Abracadabra!   I create as I speak!  If you’ve seen the dvd The Secret or read the book, you know the concept, “Thoughts become things.”  Gurus abound who teach this.  For some, it’s a difficult concept; how did my thoughts become this thing I call my life?  I didn’t think___________you fill in the blank.

We have, I’m sure you’ve heard, 50,000 thoughts a day, most of which are redundant.  Today you may not have thought, “I’m so broke.” but maybe you did yesterday or the day before.  Your thoughts are stored in your subconscious mind and over time, your subconscious mind begins to accept this as true and agrees with your spoken or unspoken word – your thoughts.

This is your magic genie:  your thoughts are powerful!  Your words have power!  This is the magic. We have a power within that creates what we experience.  Philosopher Ernest Holmes wrote:  “We should sense that back of the word which we speak is the Power of the Universe.”  Mystics, ancient and contemporary, say that back of everything – and that means you and me – there is a Power.  A power, one Power.  The Power that created the universe.  Mystics also claim that each of us – you and I – have that same Power flowing in and through us.  This Power is our words and thoughts.  Mystics say we can use this Power to create the life we want.

 Abracadabra!  I create as I speak.   I create my experiences with every word I speak.

Quantum physicists speak of a field of potentiality.  Some even are so bold they call it the Mind of God.  Some say the universe is one great thought – the Thought of God.

The relevance for my life is I can pluck what I want out of that field of potentiality.  Quantum physicist John Wheeler said that we are actually creating reality with every observation we make.  Every thought we think, word we speak, observation we make, we’re creating our experiences.  The field – the Mind – responds to our thoughts.

To effectively create your experiences, to make your life what you want, requires a conscious decision, a decision to live, not by default, but consciously, awake to how you’re using your Power.

You can use your power consciously, effectively.  You do so by training your mind; by training your mind you can create deliberately and effectively and thus have the life you want.  To train your mind:

1) Be clear about what you want.

2) Focus on what you want.  Don’t let “reality” get in your way.  Don’t let “this is the way it is” distract you.

3) Choose the emotions that make you feel good.  How you feel is important!  This is hand-in-hand with step 2.  Don’t let “reality” decide your emotions.  You are in control, even of your emotions!

4) Act as if you already have what you want.  How will you feel when you have what you want?  Get into that feeling state now!  Acting as if means discovering why you want what you want and how you’ll feel when you have it.  Then, assume that – act as if – that feeling now.  This goes hand-in-hand with step 3.

5)  Expect to get it.  The Master said, “Ask, believe, receive.”  Expectation is believing.  Quantum physicists say believing is the reason we see anything.

Start with baby steps.  Use the steps above on something easy.  Keep practicing.

Abracadabra!  You’ve got it!