Me Beliefs Create My Life

Almost sixteen years ago I discovered a philosophy called Science of Mind.  It was love at first sound for me!  The teachings of Science of Mind, and it’s umbrella philosophy, New Thought, resonated with me at such a deep level, I cried all through the service.  I fell in love and never looked back.  After years of searching for “something”, and not knowing for what I searched; after feeling a longing for “something”, and not knowing what, I found that “something”.

Science of Mind is a philosophy, as its founder, Ernest Holmes, defined it, a faith and a way of life.  It teaches faith in God at a deep level, but it is also a practical philosophy, faith, and way of life for right now.  It is the teaching of Jesus…that heaven and hell are states of mind and there is a Power for good that we can use to create the life of our dreams.

Science of Mind also teaches that our dreams are the dreams of God, that God dreams through us.  It teaches that God and I are one and the same.

Sounds arrogant, but if you take it deeper, you realize that what Science of Mind, which was birthed at the time psychology and quantum physics were birthed, you feel the truth.  Quantum physics teaches that at the level of the atom, everything is light…a photon.  Mystics teach that everything is Light, comes from the Light.

The spiritual side of Science of Mind resonates with me still, even after sixteen years.  Going deeper into an understanding of God is something I’ve longed for all my life.  And I know that the more I know, the deeper I go, the less I know.  God is always on the horizon, calling me on.

It is the practical teaching of Science of Mind in which I often fail.  Science of Mind, along with many other philosophies, teaches that we can use our mind to create, manifest, what we want our lives to be.  One of the teachings of Science of Mind is that an aspect of God is something called the Law, or the Soul, which takes the thought of God…and me…and causes that thought to become form.  The Law responds to our thought, and doesn’t know the difference between a castle and a hovel, a million dollars or a dime.  It is I who differentiate.  I’m good at creating dimes.

An example:  I’ve written many times, and told myself, that I want something in particular.  To be frank, I want $10,000,000.  I know exactly what I’ll do with $10,000,000.  But I haven’t received it yet.  Whenever I say I want a certain amount of money and it’s a great sum, it never manifests.

A few days ago I opened my computer desk drawer and a penny flew out!  I laughed aloud, because I’ve been finding pennies and dimes scattered around on the floor a lot lately.  “Ha!”  I thought.  “I’m pretty good at manifesting pennies and dimes!  Why can’t I manifest thousands of dollars?”  Sunday, the answer came, loud and clear!  I had entered my first art show in decades and set the intention that I’d make a certain amount of money.  I didn’t.  I asked myself over and over…why?  The answer is:  I hoped I would, but I didn’t believe.  I don’t believe that I can make money with my art.  I sold a couple of things, but nothing big.  And now I know why.  I hope; I don’t believe.

Now I know where my work is.  My work for myself is to change my hope into a belief.   And the first step is to understand where the belief that I can’t make money from my art began.  I already know the answer to that.  So I have to work at changing it.

Beliefs come from old teachings, recordings, from our childhood.  Mine came from hearing my parents telling me I’m not good enough; I’ll never amount to anything.  I’ve shown over and over that’s a lie, but still, it’s there.  My work is to erase it and replace it with a new belief…one that comes from who I am today.

Changing beliefs is not easy and takes determination, but I intend to do it.  I intend to live my Truth, beginning today.  I’m worth it!  And so are you.


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