Energy Runs Through Me

A few weeks ago, as I sat looking out my window, I felt something strange in the area of my heart. It felt as though my heart was breaking open. It wasn’t painful; it felt expansive. I realized in that instant that I was happier than I’ve ever been in my life. I was so happy I could almost see my heart overflowing, at the same time it was breaking open.

I pondered this experience, and the feeling of such great happiness, for a long time. Recently my husband and I moved from our home state to another, to be near our youngest daughter. I know that being near my youngest daughter, with whom I’ve had a symbiotic relationship since she was in my womb, was the reason I was so happy, but it seemed as though there was more to it than that.

The Science of Mind, a teaching and philosophy of which I am a minister, teaches that happiness is both a choice and an inside job. Ernest Holmes, the founder of Religious Science and author of The Science of Mind, wrote, “He [humankind] must learn to control his own destiny, to heal his own body and bring happiness to his own soul.” (Creative Thought). Happiness is a state of mind, of consciousness; we each choose to be happy, regardless of our circumstances. In addition to The Science of Mind, I’ve studied neuroscience and positive psychology and have learned that we have the ability (and the responsibility, once we know this teaching) to train our minds, and thus, our brains, to be positive, to be happy. Once again, it’s a choice.

And yet, I feel happier than I ever have, even though I choose to be happy every day.

Is it just being so close to my daughter? Yes, but still…it feels like more.

In my pondering, I remembered something I read a few years ago, while visiting Sedona, Arizona. For years I’ve heard about something called an “energy vortex”, a place or possibly places throughout the world where the energy is higher than anywhere else. I scoffed at the notion. How can any one place have more energy than another? My education in The Science of Mind tended to back up my belief: energy – God – is everywhere, all the time, therefore how can it be more intense in one place – or even in several places – than another. Holmes wrote, “God is the invisible Life Essence of all that is, the Intelligent Energy running through all.” (The Science of Mind, 1938). God is the Energy that created the universe and is in everything and every person. If so, then how can one place be more energetic than another?

Sedona is supposedly one of the highest energy places on earth. Again, I scoffed. Then I went there. The very moment we passed the city limits sign I felt…something. I felt lighter, more carefree. Happier. How can this be? How can just entering a town create this lightness of being?

In my exploration of Sedona, I came across an explanation. Dennis Andres, a Sedona energy vortex guide and author of the book, What Is a Vortex?, explains: “A vortex is a place in nature where the Earth is exceptionally alive and healthy.”
Andres explains that we measure “…the aliveness of something or someone…by how healthy they are. He claims that signs of a healthy person include their physical appearance: their skin tone, the brightness of their hair, a sparkle in their eyes, and how energetic they are.

Some scientists claim, along with environmentalists and ancient mystics, that our Earth is a living organism; it is alive. If the Earth is alive, is it possible that there are places that are healthier than others? After all, people have various states of health or well-being. If, then, there are places that are more healthy, more energetic than others, what would those places be like? How do we measure the health of a place? Andres claims there are three factors to a healthy place:
1) it is naturally beautiful;
2) the aliveness and health of a place is reflected in a tremendous natural beauty created by the elements of land, light, air and water;
3) it is a place of increased energy.

Andres also claims that vortex energy also acts as an amplifier; it magnifies the feelings we bring when we enter the place, whether mental, emotional, or spiritual. Our feelings and thoughts have measurable frequencies of energy that come from within. Our thoughts and feelings cause synapses in the brain to produce chemical reactions that lead to electromagnetic energies.

In his foreword to the book Frequency (Pierce, 2009), Michael Bernard Beckwith wrote, “…the scientific community agrees that energy comprises all things…”. He goes on to say that energy systems are conscious; the earth spins…within each of us as an infinite electromagnetic field…we all are part of this vibrating energy; this energy is within each of us. We are energetic beings who energetically impact every corner of the cosmos.”

This energy is the Earth’s innate intelligence; each of us are connected to the Earth through this energy. We, consciously or not, draw energy from the Earth and from the Life Force [Spirit or God] that is within and all around each of us.

As I remembered Andres’ explanation of a vortex, and researched energy, I began to realize how I could be happier than I’ve ever been: this place to which I’ve moved is a beautiful place. There are soft rolling, green hills that delight my eyes. Every home is a little Eden, even those which might be considered “low income”; every home has a lawn and flowers that are well-kept. Vacant lots are grassy and green; even businesses have lawns and flowers. The city has a recycling program; at every home on certain days of the month, there is a blue bin for recyclables on the curb, waiting to be picked up. The streets are clean. Littering is evidently not tolerated. If there are homeless people, I haven’t seen them.
Water abounds. Small lakes are within a fifteen-minute drive in any direction. Parks are prolific, some with fountains and other water features. It is obvious that the people care abut their home environment and their town.

This town meets the requirements that Andres suggested as the measurement of an energy vortex: natural beauty and increased energy. The beauty of the lakes and green hills, together with the man-made beauty of the lawns and flower gardens create an energy vibration that magnifies my own. The heightened energy creates a feeling of happiness that is reflected in every person I’ve met; it is my ambient vibration.

From science we know that it is energy, not matter, that underlies everything. Energy plays a major role in health and healing.
Though solid looking, our physical bodies are actually a “…dynamic organization of energy and fields…” (Schwartz, 2007). Physicists claim that everything is energy; our bodies “…generate patterns of electromagnetic fields of energy and information…” (Schwartz, 2007). Because energy is the essential reality, we are all interconnected by electromagnetic fields – we can actually detect the energy of other people. According to Gary Schwartz, “…the human body acts like an antenna and receiver as well a a transmitter of electromagnetic fields.” (2007). Schwartz claims that we can not only sense others’ biological energies and fields, but also their conscious intentions as well.

Schwartz’s experiments with energy indicate that just as people have the capacity to respond to the conscious intentions of healers, rats, E-coli bacteria, and plants also respond to intention and emotional states; everything, every person, tunes into the energetic field of their surroundings (2007). All systems (people, animals) detect, process, transmit and receive energy and information dynamically and interactively. Biologists explain: everything that exists is constantly engaging and communicating energetically; even our cells, tissues and organs engage in energetic and informational communication.
The combination of energy and information enables the existence of stable and healthy physical entities, and for the evolution of everything and every person (Schwartz, 2007).

Dr. Max Planck wrote: “All matter originates and exists only by vibration of a force…we must assume that behind this force a conscious and intelligent mind exists. This mind is the matrix of all matter…” (Schwartz, 2007). Energy, says Schwartz, is the “…means by which a conscious and intelligent mind manifests matter.” We in New Thought call this intelligent mind or energy God or Spirit.

Environmental psychology studies behavior in relationship to the environment, claiming that environment influences behavior at different levels; personalities are shaped by the nature and type of environment in which people live. Environmental psychology suggests that personality characteristics are shaped by the nature and type of environment to which a person is subjected for long periods of time. Also suggested is that climate influences temperament, that is, people living in a moderate climate are more aware of themselves and their relationship with the environment, wanting to live in harmony with the environment. The desire to live in harmony with the environment creates a need to conserve the natural environment. A person living in such a way lives holistically, intuitively and is well-balanced. Living in an environment that is cared for, conserving and enhancing natural resources, creates a better, healthier lifestyle and promotes psychological growth. (Singer and Valin, 1978).

By definition, energy is the capacity to do work and overcome resistance. Those who study and live the philosophy of New Thought believe that energy is Intelligence: “ and woman are interconnected to this God-Source-Energy…even continguous extensions thereof…this Energy always moves through man and woman..” (INTA website). Ernest Holmes wrote, “…Creative Force or Energy produces all things…” (Science of Mind, 1938).

If, then, the Energy that created the universe runs through everything and every person and produces all things, then that Energy runs through me, all the time. If then, as scientists say, energy is the essential reality, then all I am is Energy.
If, then, happiness is an inside job, and I make a conscious choice, every day, to be happy, regardless of my circumstances, then my energy field is one of health and happiness. If, then, an energy vortex amplifies the happiness I already feel, then I am even happier.

Many years ago I made the choice – I just want to be happy. Some days, I admit, it’s easier. However, I know for sure that my happiness is greater now, in my new environment. Now I understand why. I live in an energy vortex and we complement each other.


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